Month: May 2024

Exploring Generative AI in Alternative Investments

Exploring Generative AI in Alternative Investments

Join Mike Srdanovic, Director of Enterprise Architecture at Northern Trust, and Phillip Mortimer, Chief Scientist at Accelex for an overview of large language models, generative AI and its potential applications in the financial services industry. The two delve into how generative AI has the potential to disrupt and shape the alternative asset space, and Phillip shares different ways Accelex is harnessing this technology to deliver innovative solutions to its clients. 

Key Highlights:

  • Learn about Accelex’s unique platform that skillfully transforms unstructured data into valuable structured insights
  • How Accelex’s AI-driven approach to document ingestion and data extraction goes beyond traditional methods for enhanced accuracy and efficiency
  • Understand how cutting-edge AI models are refining Accelex’s data processing, making complex tasks more straightforward and precise
  • Hear about the ongoing challenges within AI, as well as the exciting future of AI in financial services and the alternative investments space¬†
  • And much more!

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