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Rugby, Resilience, and Redefining Operating Models with Gary Paulin

Rugby, Resilience, and Redefining Operating Models with Gary Paulin

Faster Forward welcomes Gary Paulin, Head of Global Strategic Solutions at Northern Trust. Gary’s journey has taken him from his family’s fruit farm in New Zealand to his current role in which he works to ensure Northern Trust’s solutions remain closely aligned with the fast-evolving requirements of clients around the world. He recounts his early days, fueled by a passion for rugby, and his career journey through to the present day. 

As well as insights from his career, Gary also shares perspectives on the transformational changes impacting Northern Trust’s asset owner and asset manager clients, and the key factors driving and changing their decision-making. 

Key Highlights:

  • Transition from rural beginnings in New Zealand to founding a brokerage house in London and current role as Head of Global Strategic Solutions for Northern Trust Asset Servicing
  • Views on the operating models, new investment tools, and ideas required for asset owners to navigate today’s very different market conditions from those of the recent past
  • Opportunities for business model optimization and improved margin resiliency for asset managers in response to today’s asset volatility and broken industry economics 
  • Thoughts on AI’s potential role in augmenting decision-making processes across the investment industry
  • The value of leveraging unique, internal data to secure competitive advantage 
  • And much more!

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Preparing for T+1

Preparing for T+1

Faster Forward welcomes Natalie Berkecz, Global Head of Regulatory Solutions at Northern Trust, to explore the industry’s pivotal shift to a T+1 settlement cycle. In this episode, Natalie discusses the impact the change will have, the steps that regulatory bodies and market participants are taking to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible, and the opportunities this change will unlock for the industry.  

Key Discussion Points:

  • Market developments in recent years that have supported a transition to T+1
  • The benefits of this transition on various market participants 
  • Challenges the industry may face with the change to a shorter settlement cycle
  • Addressing the impact to the EMEA and APAC markets, given that the transition is for US and Canadian settlement cycles
  • Preparing operationally for a shorted settlement cycle
  • Steps that organizations such as Northern Trust are taking to make the transition as seamless as possible for clients 
  • And much more!

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The Digital Workplace Transformation with Charles Lamanna and Pete Cherecwich

The Digital Workplace Transformation with Charles Lamanna and Pete Cherecwich

The digital workplace is the future of work. Charles Lamanna, Corporate Vice President, Business Applications & Platforms at Microsoft, and Pete Cherecwich, President of Asset Servicing at Northern Trust, join Faster Forward to explore the nuances of digital workplace transformation, share insights about the future landscape of work, and offer an exclusive peak into the strategic collaboration between Northern Trust and Microsoft. 

Episode Highlights:

  • How technology is reshaping traditional work paradigms and the future of work
  • The role of AI, automation, and remote collaboration in a digital workplace
  • What sets Microsoft’s software solutions apart and how their technology continues to evolve to better service customers
  • Why Northern Trust chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 and how its capabilities help strengthen Northern Trust’s client servicing
  • The concept of citizen developers and low-code/no-code technology  
  • And much more!

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