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Metrics that Matter: ESG Data in Private Markets

Metrics that Matter: ESG Data in Private Markets

With asset owners increasingly looking to align private market investments with ESG considerations, consistent reporting and data standards are paramount. This episode of Faster Forward, featuring Marc Mallett, Head of Platform Strategy and Marketing at Northern Trust, and Scott Kennedy, President and Co-Founder of Novata, navigates the intricacies of ESG considerations within private markets. Listen as they discuss the growing need for data standardization in the space and the innovative solutions that Novata has for a company’s ESG journey.

In this episode, Marc and Scott touch on:

  • Scott’s career and what pushed him to become a founder of Novata
  • The current state of ESG data, transparency, and reporting
  • Asset owners’ increased focus on ESG considerations 
  • The lack of ESG data collection and reporting in private markets 
  • How Novata helps companies on their ESG journey through benchmarking and data solutions to support more informed, ESG-related decision-making 
  • And much more!

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Beyond Asset Tokenization with Dan Sleep and Zhu Kuang Lee

Beyond Asset Tokenization with Dan Sleep and Zhu Kuang Lee

This episode of Faster Forward features Dan Sleep, Digital Assets and Financial Markets Specialist at Northern Trust, and Zhu Kuang Lee, Managing Director and Chief Digital, Data & Innovation Officer at HSBC. The pair will discuss the power of tokenization as a true disruptor and how tokenization and the broader growth of the digital world are challenging how asset servicers operate.

Dan and Zhu Kuang discuss:

  • Significant changes and innovations in the industry due to the rise of digital assets 
  • Regulatory challenges in the digital assets space
  • The need for asset servicers to adapt to stay ahead of investor expectations
  • Servicing a blended ecosystem of traditional and digital assets
  • And more

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