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Crypto Custody Without Compromise with Julian Sawyer

Crypto Custody Without Compromise with Julian Sawyer

In this episode, Julian Sawyer, CEO of Zodia Custody, discusses how his business satisfies institutional investors’ need for a digital asset custodian that understands traditional custody while also meeting investors’ high expectations. Julian also explains how Zodia Custody keeps up with the ever-changing crypto asset market. 

Julian discusses:

  • What differentiates Zodia Custody in the market
  • How institutional investors are leveraging cryptocurrencies in their investment strategy
  • How Zodia Custody stays agile and responds to changing client needs without compromising security or reliability
  • And more

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Conversations on Crypto with Chris Carrano

Conversations on Crypto with Chris Carrano

In this episode, we are joined by Chris Carrano, Vice President of Strategic Research at Venn by Two Sigma, to discuss the work that Venn is doing in the digital assets space, the Venn platform, and how returns-based analytics can help investors better understand their risk. 

Listen in as Chris discusses:

  • Venn by Two Sigma’s holistic investment analysis platform 
  • How Northern Trust and Venn by Two Sigma’s partnership brings unique quantitative insights to institutional investors
  • How institutional investor interest in cryptocurrencies has changed the investment landscape 
  • The impressive capabilities of Venn’s platform and risk analytics engine
  • And more!

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Advancements in Digitized Banking with Peter Sanchez

Advancements in Digitized Banking with Peter Sanchez

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, the banking industry is no exception. In this episode, Peter Sanchez, Global Head of Banking and Treasury Services at Northern Trust, dives into the current environment for banking, trends in cash usage and demand for liquidity amongst investors, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the pursuit of instantaneous, real-time payments.  

Peter discusses:

  • The current environment for banking and trends in cash usage and demand for liquidity
  • The push for real-time reporting on balances and settlements
  • The implications of instantaneous cash delivery 
  • What Central Bank Digital Currencies are and how they differ from cryptocurrencies
  • The impact that Distributed Ledger Technology has on advancements in digitized baking
  • And more

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Enhancing Process Documentation with Jennifer Smith and Pete Cherecwich

Enhancing Process Documentation with Jennifer Smith and Pete Cherecwich

Documented processes are essential to the function of businesses across the globe. However, manually transcribing processes can be mundane and time-consuming. Fortunately, Scribe is a tool that automates this task, making it significantly easier to create step-by-step process guides and allowing employees more time to focus on productive work.  

On this episode of Faster Forward, Jennifer Smith, Co-founder and CEO at Scribe, joins Pete Cherecwich, President of Northern Trust Asset Servicing to discuss how Scribe is transforming the distribution of knowledge and data across organizations and how Northern Trust has benefitted since onboarding the tool. 

Listen as Jennifer and Pete discuss:

  • Jennifer’s career journey and what inspired her to launch Scribe
  • How Pete came to the decision to onboard the tool at Northern Trust
  • How Scribe captures and produces step-by-step process guides
  • The ways Northern Trust employees leverage the tool
  • How the tool allows organizations to be more productive 
  • And more

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Behavioral Analytics to Drive Alpha with Paul Fahey and Clare Flynn Levy

Behavioral Analytics to Drive Alpha with Paul Fahey and Clare Flynn Levy

As asset allocators become increasingly involved in the investment process, they are looking to asset managers to answer questions about their investment decision-making and to explain performance. Without the right technology, it can be difficult for managers to pull out insights and articulate why they made the decisions they made. Investment teams are turning to behavioral analytics to better understand and improve their investment decisions.  

In this episode, Paul Fahey, Head of Investment Data Science at Northern Trust is joined by Clare Flynn Levy, Founder & CEO at Essentia Analytics to discuss what inspired Clare’s journey to begin Essentia Analytics, how Essentia’s technology gathers and produces actionable insights to help with the investment decision-making process and the ways that Northern Trust and Essentia leverage their partnership to help move their clients Faster Forward through the power of data science.  

Paul and Clare discuss:

  • Their experiences in the industry that led them to their roles today
  • Why managers and allocators are becoming more interested in behavioral analytics
  • How Essentia’s technology helps managers improve decision making
  • Quantitative and qualitative data that plays a role in portfolio manager’s performance
  • Where the Essentia and Northern Trust partnership is headed
  • And more

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