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Behavioral Analytics to Drive Alpha with Paul Fahey and Clare Flynn Levy

Behavioral Analytics to Drive Alpha with Paul Fahey and Clare Flynn Levy

As asset allocators become increasingly involved in the investment process, they are looking to asset managers to answer questions about their investment decision-making and to explain performance. Without the right technology, it can be difficult for managers to pull out insights and articulate why they made the decisions they made. Investment teams are turning to behavioral analytics to better understand and improve their investment decisions.  

In this episode, Paul Fahey, Head of Investment Data Science at Northern Trust is joined by Clare Flynn Levy, Founder & CEO at Essentia Analytics to discuss what inspired Clare’s journey to begin Essentia Analytics, how Essentia’s technology gathers and produces actionable insights to help with the investment decision-making process and the ways that Northern Trust and Essentia leverage their partnership to help move their clients Faster Forward through the power of data science.  

Paul and Clare discuss:

  • Their experiences in the industry that led them to their roles today
  • Why managers and allocators are becoming more interested in behavioral analytics
  • How Essentia’s technology helps managers improve decision making
  • Quantitative and qualitative data that plays a role in portfolio manager’s performance
  • Where the Essentia and Northern Trust partnership is headed
  • And more

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