Data Driven with Pete Cherecwich

Data Driven with Pete Cherecwich

Data is rapidly evolving, and its impact is changing the way that our world operates. Innovations in data have left a big mark on the financial services industry in recent years, allowing organizations access to insights to improve their operations, create new products and better serve clients. Northern Trust has taken advantage of improvements in data and analytics over the years but embracing data has not come without challenges. 

In this first episode of the Faster Forward podcast, Pete Cherecwich, President of Northern Trust Asset Servicing discusses the role that data plays in investment decision making, DE&I, productivity and organizational change.

Pete discusses:

  • The role of data science in investment decision making
  • Data’s impact on DE&I
  • Shaping corporate culture to be more data driven 
  • Leveraging data to improve productivity 
  • And more

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