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Crypto Custody Without Compromise with Julian Sawyer

Crypto Custody Without Compromise with Julian Sawyer

In this episode, Julian Sawyer, CEO of Zodia Custody, discusses how his business satisfies institutional investors’ need for a digital asset custodian that understands traditional custody while also meeting investors’ high expectations. Julian also explains how Zodia Custody keeps up with the ever-changing crypto asset market. 

Julian discusses:

  • What differentiates Zodia Custody in the market
  • How institutional investors are leveraging cryptocurrencies in their investment strategy
  • How Zodia Custody stays agile and responds to changing client needs without compromising security or reliability
  • And more

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The Digitization of Private Equity Data with Clive Bellows

The Digitization of Private Equity Data with Clive Bellows

Clive Bellows, Head of Global Fund Services, EMEA, at Northern Trust joins the Faster Forward podcast to discuss the digitization of the private equity market and the opportunities that lie ahead as technology continues to evolve. 

Clive discusses:

  • The current private equity market and the digitization of the asset class
  • Technological advancements in the PE space
  • The importance of choosing a provider with the ability to service you in the present day and into the future
  • And more

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The Elevated Hedge Fund Investor Experience with Todd Frank

The Elevated Hedge Fund Investor Experience with Todd Frank

As technology continues to evolve, investors are seeking seamless and interactive user experiences to help them access and analyze their investment performance. 

In this episode, Todd Frank, Co-Chief Operating Officer at Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services, North America, discusses how advancements in digitalization through cloud-based platforms are enabling investors greater insight into their performance and providing enhanced transparency, offering investors a more sophisticated user experience. 

Topics explored:

  • Technology capabilities in the hedge fund space 
  • How investor expectations around technology are shifting 
  • The capabilities of cloud-based platforms in regard to providing greater insights and performance metrics
  • The importance of embracing the shift in digital platforms
  • How Northern Trust is working to offer “white glove customer service” to hedge fund investors 
  • And more

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The Current Landscape for Digital Assets with Justin Chapman

The Current Landscape for Digital Assets with Justin Chapman

Season two of the Faster Forward podcast will be focused on digitization and digital assets. To kick off the season, we are joined by Justin Chapman, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Digital Assets and Financial Markets at Northern Trust. 

In this episode, Justin gives our listeners a glimpse into the current landscape for digital assets, examines key trends in the space, and explains how he is helping his organization move faster forward through digital innovation.

Justin discusses:

  • His background and how he got to his current role at Northern Trust
  • The formation of Northern Trust’s Digital Assets and Financial Markets Group 
  • How partnerships have helped to accelerate Northern Trust’s innovation in the digital arena
  • The regulatory environment for digital assets 
  • How digital assets have and will continue to transform traditional securities services and what Justin expects for the business over the next five to ten years
  • And more!

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Improving Investment Decisions with Equity Data Science

Improving Investment Decisions with Equity Data Science

Data is the most valuable resource to asset managers but probably the most underutilized. However, cutting-edge data analysis solutions are more accessible and cost-effective than many managers realize. 

In this episode, Greg McCall, Co-founder, President & CFO at Equity Data Science, discusses his background as a portfolio manager which led to him creating Equity Data Science, and how EDS’s cloud-based analytics platform works to provide decision support tools to asset managers to improve investment decisions. Greg also discusses the ways that Northern Trust and EDS leverage their partnership to help move clients Faster Forward through the power of data science. 

Listen as Greg discusses:

  • His industry experience and how he became co-founder at Equity Data Science
  • How EDS’s platform brings their clients’ internal and external data into a single environment
  • Leveraging data science to make investment decisions repeatable and scalable
  • The EDS and Northern Trust partnership
  • The benefits of EDS’s cost-effective and fully configurable technology

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Enhancing Process Documentation with Jennifer Smith and Pete Cherecwich

Enhancing Process Documentation with Jennifer Smith and Pete Cherecwich

Documented processes are essential to the function of businesses across the globe. However, manually transcribing processes can be mundane and time-consuming. Fortunately, Scribe is a tool that automates this task, making it significantly easier to create step-by-step process guides and allowing employees more time to focus on productive work.  

On this episode of Faster Forward, Jennifer Smith, Co-founder and CEO at Scribe, joins Pete Cherecwich, President of Northern Trust Asset Servicing to discuss how Scribe is transforming the distribution of knowledge and data across organizations and how Northern Trust has benefitted since onboarding the tool. 

Listen as Jennifer and Pete discuss:

  • Jennifer’s career journey and what inspired her to launch Scribe
  • How Pete came to the decision to onboard the tool at Northern Trust
  • How Scribe captures and produces step-by-step process guides
  • The ways Northern Trust employees leverage the tool
  • How the tool allows organizations to be more productive 
  • And more

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Trends Impacting Cost and Alpha in Asset Management with Marc Mallett

Trends Impacting Cost and Alpha in Asset Management with Marc Mallett

Data is changing our world. As it becomes more sophisticated, we are given insight into trends that allow us to make better decisions and improve performance. This has proven to be especially true in institutional investing.

In this episode of Faster Forward, Marc Mallett, Global Head of Whole Office Strategy at Northern Trust, discusses the current landscape for asset managers in regards to outsourcing services to reduce costs. He also dives into how data has given asset managers meaningful insight into behavioral analytics, which allows them to assess and improve their investment decisions and in turn, generate alpha. 

Marc discusses:

  • Current trends in asset management and how they are impacted by client behavior
  • An increased interest in outsourced trading desks to provide scale and reduce costs
  • Harnessing data to create meaningful insights and improve performance 
  • What investment managers should keep in mind about the future of investing
  • And more!

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