Improving Investment Decisions with Equity Data Science

Improving Investment Decisions with Equity Data Science

Data is the most valuable resource to asset managers but probably the most underutilized. However, cutting-edge data analysis solutions are more accessible and cost-effective than many managers realize. 

In this episode, Greg McCall, Co-founder, President & CFO at Equity Data Science, discusses his background as a portfolio manager which led to him creating Equity Data Science, and how EDS’s cloud-based analytics platform works to provide decision support tools to asset managers to improve investment decisions. Greg also discusses the ways that Northern Trust and EDS leverage their partnership to help move clients Faster Forward through the power of data science. 

Listen as Greg discusses:

  • His industry experience and how he became co-founder at Equity Data Science
  • How EDS’s platform brings their clients’ internal and external data into a single environment
  • Leveraging data science to make investment decisions repeatable and scalable
  • The EDS and Northern Trust partnership
  • The benefits of EDS’s cost-effective and fully configurable technology

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