The Elevated Hedge Fund Investor Experience with Todd Frank

The Elevated Hedge Fund Investor Experience with Todd Frank

As technology continues to evolve, investors are seeking seamless and interactive user experiences to help them access and analyze their investment performance. 

In this episode, Todd Frank, Co-Chief Operating Officer at Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services, North America, discusses how advancements in digitalization through cloud-based platforms are enabling investors greater insight into their performance and providing enhanced transparency, offering investors a more sophisticated user experience. 

Topics explored:

  • Technology capabilities in the hedge fund space 
  • How investor expectations around technology are shifting 
  • The capabilities of cloud-based platforms in regard to providing greater insights and performance metrics
  • The importance of embracing the shift in digital platforms
  • How Northern Trust is working to offer “white glove customer service” to hedge fund investors 
  • And more

    Connect with Todd Frank:
  • LinkedIn: Todd Frank
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